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20 Apr 2012

Today, increasing numbers of technical and engineering disciplines of interest to this field has increased dramatically.To the field of software engineering programs are built, each of them is unique and has strengths and weaknesses of a particular field is very large. One of the most popular software to students and civil engineering field of use is AutoCAD 2013 software.This product is manufactured by Autodesk and the U.S. in December 1982 it produced the first version that had different versions of the software market has been sent.

Features software AutoCAD 2013:

- Ability to design building plans
- Having all the drawing tools
- Designed as a two-and three-dimensional maps
- Increase efficiency of software for creating and editing projects with very high quality Antaf
- Added a few parts of the Multi-Line Text Command or several of the line
- Added a new feature called 2D Drafting and Annotation
- Utilization of software Microstation DGN format and convert it to another format
- New ability to combine AutoCAD and Excel charts together and create a chart or End Table
- Very good on a variety of management layers in the software and Layer Properties
- Improve the quality of text and graphics, three-dimensional designs
- Full compatibility with different versions of Windows

1. AutoCAD 2013 for x86 (win32) 
2. AutoCAD 2013 for x64
3. Download Password RAR 

How to Download:
You must follow these instructions in order to download file.
1Right-click the link you want to downloadthen copy the link
2Open a new tab and paste the link earlier
3Files can be directly downloaded

If it does not follow this way, you will not be able to download the file

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